Les produits d'acier


867 5e avenue, Ste-Anne des Plaines

Québec, J0N 1H0

Tél. : 450-478-6622 / Télécopieur : 450-478-6628


This program aims to ensure the quality of our products and meet the demands of our customers and will be revised and updated whenever necessary to do so.

The company "Les Produits d'Acier MetalPro inc." undertakes to plan,
Develop and practice a continuous process of our products in all stages of production to ensure quality and conformity of these specified requirements.
The inspection procedure also continues to permit early detection of cases of non-compliance and effectively correct.

This program covers all finished steel, stainless steel, aluminum
and other manufactured, altered or repaired by the company "Les Produits d'Acier MetalPro inc.."